Channel: Громадське TV

Громадське TV online is a joint project of the Ukrainian journalists was established to inform the residents about the events taking place in Ukraine without censorship. Before this project should work with maximum truthfully and разносторонее highlight the important political, cultural, social, economic processes in Ukraine.
The project has become particularly popular in connection with mass protests in Ukraine. Journalists are always cover the developments in the Евромайдане.
Громадське TV works in beta mode. In созданнии resource programs work: Serhiy Andrushko, Dmitry Ghnap, Mustafa Hire, Roman Скрыпин.
In the air You will see: reporting, investigations, interviews and documentary portrait of the program for Ukraine and the people of the country.
Громадське TV earned trust of many Ukrainians due to the high проффесионализму and responsibility of each member of the project team. You are on page views Громадське TV online