Channel: 112 Ukraine

Channel 112 Ukraine is a young Ukrainian TV channel TV, which began broadcasting on November 28, 2013. The audience granted to the 8-hour content of own production, most of which - UPS from places of events all over the world. And in the beginning of 2014 TV guide 112 Ukraine plans to increase the volume of self-produced programs in 2 times.
TV channel 112 Ukraine is unique in Ukraine, because only he is still in the mode of on-line non stop, providing not only a picture of what is happening in the world and in Ukraine, but also an expert assessment, only he works closely with social networks and the blogosphere.
Channel 112 Ukraine works on the basis of the platform SAY.TV, resulting in a close interaction with Internet users. TV channel can quickly use photo, video, audio materials of users, to deduce people on the air live from almost anywhere in the world where there is Internet.
Leading channel 112 Ukraine: Violetta Трыкова and Vasily Golovanov (morning broadcast); Tatiana Goncharova, Svetlana Orlovskaya, valid Arfush, Vlad Ivanenko, Natalia Vlaschenko, Gennady Balashov (day ether).
Every day, the audience is asked to look at the channel 112 Ukraine the final show of "Know more", and after 22:00 - art-film from the company "Art house Traffic". On weekends the audience with "Our theme", "Cultural revolution".
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