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Channel 1 Plus 1 online - national Ukrainian channel. Channel 1 Plus 1 online began broadcasting in 1995. For some time the amount of broadcast television was limited, but with July 30, 2004 1 Plus 1 channel has the right to broadcast round the clock.
Since 2006, the channel "1 1" presented its version of the international television channel – «1 Plus 1 International »- targeted at representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora of United States and Canada.
1 Plus 1 online presents their political, social, film projects, telethons, movies, soap operas, musicals, news.
Popular TV Program: TSN, TSN-Week, Prosport, most intelligent, Lotto Fun, Dancing for you, High life, my wife, superstar, etc.
1 Plus 1 online constantly launches new series, projects, is actively working to improve the live broadcast. You are on page views 1 1 online